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Acknowledgement of Country

We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians, the First Nations People of Australia on who's land we live, work, and learn upon. We respect their ongoing cultural traditions and contributions to Australian lands. We acknowledge and pay respects to Elders, past and present as it is their knowledge and experiences that hold the key to the success of future generations. 

Hey Beau-TEA-ful!

We are an Australian based business, here on the beautiful Gold Coast. At VW we have a serious passion for helping you feel more confident in your skin!

After trying every skincare product on the market, even taking low doses of antibiotics to help clear my skin- I knew there had to be a better way! Not only were breakouts causing me grief, at 33, I was also seeing fine lines appear (you know when your makeup starts settling in those creases?!)

I had heard all the buzz about Collagen and researched the shit out of it! Ok.... this stuff is legit! 

I began adding it to my morning cuppa and within weeks was seeing the benefits! My skin is more hydrated, plump and has a glow that I have not seen in YEARS!

Now, what about the constant redness and breakouts? I knew the key was working from the inside out! I again researched my butt off and found herbal teas!

I found the most beneficial herbs that focused on flushing toxins, contained anti-inflammatory properties, were rich in vitamins & minerals, while also containing essential amino acids... and more anti-aging properties!!

The result: My skin is clearer, smootherhydrated and healthy! I'm not completely naive and know that this is a journey... but this combo actually WORKS!

Bonus points thats its natural and benefiting the rest of my body too! (I could talk all day about the benefits, but I know your here to buy tea- not read a novel!)

Anywho- that my friends is how The Ultimate Skin Tea was born! I'm genuinely excited to share this product with you all and CANNOT wait to see your RESULTS

Much Love,

Megan x

Founder & Owner